Atlanta Working Dog Club

About Robert 'Joey' Leigh & Atlanta Working Dog Club

We are an Atlanta based working dog club. We support all dog sports, but mainly focus on: Schutzhund, French Ring, and Obedience. We have trainers that have vast experience in all the above.

Robert 'Joey' Leigh(P) founded the club in the early 2000's with Jason Scobbie and Mike Morgan (VP). The club now consists of of around 10-15 dedicated dog enthusiasts and competitors. Our club members have competed in the above mentioned sports reaching levels from local trials all the way through to multiple World Championships.

Mike Morgan & Bacchus vom Drachenherz at the 2007 World Championships
5x FMBB World Qualifier / 4x FMBB World Competetor
IPO 3 fin. WM-BB 06'24. 07'23. 08'41. 10'57
2013 RIP Bacchus 

As with all trainers that have been working with animals for many years, we openly admit our use of classical conditioning in our pasts. We have adjusted our training as we have gained experience. Each of us has sought out the best in purely positive training, or "Clicker Training" in order to find its place in our training programs. We feel we have located the rewards and limitations from these and other training methods and have implemented them into our training style.

We aim to introduce dog enthusiasts to the possibilities of fun and challenges that can be met and accomplished with your dog through a fun atmosphere and encouraging training methods.  


Robert Leigh as a Helper at a National Championship


Robert and his students have competed around the world. He has been requested to assist some of the best trainers in the world in order to prepare their dogs for national and international competitions. Due to this, Robert has been afforded the opportunity to work with some of the best trainers around the world. He has performed and assisted with seminars in the US and Europe, many times with some of the most respected trainers in the world. Robert has trained both handlers and their dogs for hunting, competition obedience, agility, police dogs, schutzhund, ring, SAR, detection dogs (bomb and narcotics) and television entertainment. He has a vast array of knowledge in positive reinforcement, inductive training and classical conditioning. Robert the owner of the de Atlawor Malinois kennel.

 Robert currently (2014) has an up-and-coming IPO prospect from the "K" litter out of Freya de Atlawor x Orcan vom Further Moor. We look forward to watching their progress.

                                  Robert and Crack (RIP)
                                  2010 NARA French Ring II Champions


Robert and Tara at the Schutzhund Nationals where they won High Bitch